Research Proposal Support

How to add a Virtual Security Team or ResearchSOC to your proposal

When writing your proposal, you may identify cybersecurity challenges that require the expertise and resources of a Research Security Operations Center or Virtual Security Team. Including cybersecurity in your grant is a best practice and a requirement for many grants. Indicating your intent to engage with ResearchSOC indicates that you recognize the cybersecurity challenge and take it seriously. Contact ResearchSOC at least one week in advance of your submission date to discuss the most appropriate service level. ResearchSOC will provide a customized letter of collaboration indicating our agreement to the terms of the subcontract.

Indicate your intent to approach the ResearchSOC

Proposal writers are free to include language showing an awareness of cybersecurity issues and that you plan to approach ResearchSOC, if funded, to collaborate on addressing the issues. You can do this without any commitment from ResearchSOC. If you reference ResearchSOC, contact us, and we can provide language to use in a proposal.