Cybersecurity for the nation’s greatest research

ResearchSOC, formerly a standalone service for National Science Foundation (NSF) large facilities, is now a service offering from OmniSOC that includes a package of technologies, training, and personnel specifically designed to meet the cybersecurity needs of NSF research facilities.

Along with OmniSOC’s core 24/7 security operations center services, ResearchSOC can deploy decoy computers, or honeypots, on a facility’s network to trap attackers and provide increased threat intelligence. ResearchSOC uses STINGAR (Sharing Threat Intelligence for Network Gatekeeping with Automated Response) developed by Duke University. 

ResearchSOC also provides a dedicated, trained cybersecurity analyst to act as project liaison. Our liaisons provide focused project management, technical expertise, and metrics reporting to help ensure a facility’s data.

For research facilities that face challenges meeting their cybersecurity goals due to personnel shortages, budget constraints, or lack of time and expertise, engaging a ResearchSOC virtual security team can provide a cost-effective, rapid-implementation method to address key cybersecurity needs. Learn more about virtual cybersecurity services.

Why ResearchSOC?

  • We keep project PIs and IT leads in control.
  • We empower projects to quickly detect and respond to incidents.
  • We provide operational resources, expertise, and technology so IT staff can focus.
  • We help projects meet regulatory & compliance requirements.
  • We address nearly 20% of CUI requirements in one program.
  • We leverage the Trusted CI Framework to align with the needs of science.

Partner with us

ResearchSOC offers outreach and training research project teams and the higher education community. We’re always working with the larger cybersecurity research community to improve information security. If your research facility or project faces cybersecurity challenges, we might be a good fit.

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