Get hands-on cybersecurity experience

Each summer, OmniSOC hosts an internship program that offers students from our founding member academic institutions (Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Nebraska, Northwestern University, and Rutgers University) an opportunity to gain professional experience at a security operations center (SOC). This program is designed to help interns:

  • Become more aware of the many areas of interest within cybersecurity
  • Determine where their interests are
  • Discover what areas of study they should pursue in the future
  • Interact directly with security operations professionals and other diverse groups with diverse skill sets

As an intern, explore a variety of real-life cybersecurity applications and gain hands-on experience in cybersecurity foundations. Interns will also receive formal and informal shadowing opportunities. This immersive program provides mentoring and guidance by subject matter experts in three components of a security operations center: platform engineering, security engineering, and basic SOC operations. Discussions and explorations will include issues related to cybersecurity activities within a professional SOC environment. 

2024 summer internship program

We are currently planning the 2024 summer program. Sign up below to receive updates when information becomes available.

My favorite part about this internship was learning under the guidance of different professionals within OmniSOC…Having access to their expertise and knowing that they have many years of experience within the cybersecurity industry was invaluable during my time at Indiana University and with my home team at Rutgers. I learned a great deal from asking these mentors various questions and getting advice on career goals within the IT field.

Cassandra Begin | Rutgers | 2019 intern

The summer internship is for students currently enrolled at Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Nebraska, Northwestern University, or Rutgers University. 

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