Internships and Student Seminars

Internships and Student Seminars

OmniSOC 2019 interns lined up in a hallway in the IU Data Center

2021 Internship Program


OmniSOC member universities are partnering with Elastic to offer a series of virtual seminars on basic network threat hunting and security in summer 2021. The series will consist of eight seminars, each approximately three hours, presented over Zoom and will include presentations, Q&A sessions, and lab work. OmniSOC staff are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Elastic to bring this series to our student communities. We anticipate a full house for this event so please sign up early!


OmniSOC virtual seminar series with Elastic

June 28 – July 15, 2021


CSM cyber foundations training

Monday, June 28: 2-5pm Eastern – Elastic Day 1 – Intro to Linux, how to run commands

  • Overview: 
    • This course will familiarize students with the Linux operating system and help them navigate the command line. Students will learn how to create and manipulate files as well as run commands in conjunction to perform simple searches and filtering of text.
  • Topic areas: 
    • Design principles
    • CLI fundamentals (w/ lab)
    • Using editors (w/ lab)
    • Searching & filtering (w/ lab)

Tuesday, June 29: 2-5pm Eastern – Networking fundamentals – Scott Orr

  • Overview: 
    • This course will give students an overview on networking topics focusing primarily on the TCP/IP stack. Application layer topics will also be covered. Students will be provided with packet captures for a wireshark exercise.
  • Topic areas: 
    • TCP/IP stack
    • SMTP/HTTP/DNS/etc.
    • Wireshark decoding

Wednesday, June 30: 2-5pm Eastern – Elastic Day 3 – Zeek / Signature Engine

  •  Overview:  
    • This course will familiarize students with Zeek and its ability to analyze network traffic. Students will create, view, and search Zeek ASCII logs to gain a better understanding of what data is provided by Zeek.
  • Topic areas: 
    • What is Zeek?
    • Zeek project history
    • Running Zeek from the command line (w/ lab)
    • ASCII logs overview (w/ lab)
    • Filtering and sorting data (w/ lab)
    • Capture the Flag (w/ lab)
    • IU provides short 30 minute on Signature Engines – [Keith Lehigh]

Thursday, July 1: 2-5pm Eastern – Elastic Hands-on exercises using the tools from Day 1

  • Overview:
    • This course will familiarize students with Kibana and its ability to filter and visualize data in a clear and concise picture. Students will learn how to filter and search using the Lucene query syntax and will learn how to navigate and filter pre-made dashboards.
  • Topic areas:
    • Kibana overview
    • Lucene searching
    • Filtering
    • Dashboards

Kibana threat hunting

Tuesday, July 6: 2-5pm Eastern – Elastic threat hunting

  • Overview: 
    • This course will have students searching through a snapshot in time to find malicious activity that took place. Students will utilize a capture-the-flag environment to help guide them in their pursuit of discovering what malicious activity took place.
  • Topic areas:
    • Individual hunt day 1

Thursday July 8:  2-5pm Eastern – Elastic threat hunting

  • Overview: 
    • This course will have students searching through a snapshot in time to find malicious activity that took place. Students will utilize a capture the flag environment to help guide them in their pursuit of discovering what malicious activity took place.
  • Topic areas:
    • Individual hunt day 2

Elastic Speaker Biographies

David French:

David French is a Senior Security Research Engineer at Elastic, focused on analyzing attacker behavior and developing detections for endpoint and cloud platforms. He has over 5 years experience as a security researcher and has worked in threat hunting, detection engineering, and incident response roles in the financial services industry. He enjoys sharing knowledge with others in the cybersecurity community and regularly blogs, presents research, and hosts CTF events at security conferences including BSides. He is a frequent contributor to MITRE ATT&CK® and co-authored The Elastic Guide to Threat Hunting.

Cami Lewis

Cami Lewis is the security lead for Community at Elastic. She started her career as a developer but eventually found her way to a pen testing team where she first learned the art of SQL injection. The result was an instant desire to burn every line of code she had written. Since then she has been dedicated to helping organizations achieve a strong security and compliance posture as well as advocating for diversity in the cyber workforce. In her spare time she mostly chases her two small boys around and races muscle cars at a local speedway.

Neil Desai:

Neil Desai is a Principal Security Strategist for Elastic. He has over two decades of information security experience. In past roles, he built Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and architected defensible and monitorable infrastructures for Fortune 500 US financial institutions. Outside of work he was a part of 1@stPlace, winners of DEFCON’s CTF in 2006 and 2007, and is a current member of C3X (

Not Elastic: incident response and guest speakers

Tuesday, July 13: 2-5pm Eastern – Incident response process and forensic analysis – [Tim Goth, incident response manager; Mike Simpson, lead security engineer; and Kurt Seiffert, principal security engineer]

  • Overview: 
    • This course will be split into two sections. The first part of the day will cover incident response (IR). Students will hear stories of how IR functions when an event occurs. The second part of the day will cover forensic analysis and how it fits in to incident response.
  • Topic areas: 
    • How incident response works and why it is important.
    • Tales from the trenches
    • Forensic analysis and how it fits in with IR

Thursday, July 15: 2-5pm Eastern – View from the CISOs office – Keith Lehigh will introduce

  • Overview: 

This session will provide students with insights into a “day in the life” of cybersecurity operations in a university security office

      • View from the CISO’s Office (2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
        • Emily Adams, Chief Information Security Officer, (CACR)
        • Jen Disney, CISO University of Nebraska
        • Kim Milford, Research and Education Networks Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC)
        • Hanna Tun, lead security engineer, OmniSOC, Indiana University
      • Elastic, Inc. Career Panel (4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
        • Chris Pearson – Panel Moderator – Elastic, Inc.
        • Cami Lewis – Lead Security Advocate– Elastic Community
        • David French- Senior Security Research Engineer
        • Neil Desai- Solutions Architect

Sessions may be recorded. Your application and participation grants IU and Elastic permission to use your likeness in these recordings or in other literature or publications.