Features and Functions

Support: Provides dual-site, 24x7x365, access to the OmniSOC team and services. Serves as first point of contact and communication in connection with OmniSOC services. Receives tips, incident reports, and service requests via phone, email, web forms, tickets, or other methods. Answers and processes phone calls for critical issues, general questions, or service requests. Prepares documentation, notification, and escalation lists associated with all services.

Ticket Management: Oversees and monitors ticket management system. Documents each issue in accordance with requirements, including creating a trouble ticket associated with each issue. Coordinates, supports, and tracks security alerts and issues in ticket management system until such issues are resolved. Engages security teams, infrastructure providers, and equipment vendors to assist in the resolution of tickets, as appropriate. Provides appropriate wrap up for each resolved ticket, including creating documentation describing the incident in reasonable detail, the cause of the issue, if known, and the steps taken to resolve the issue. Provides weekly analysis of tickets, reports on major activities, and recommends areas for improvement or further consideration.


This service is available 24x7x365. Please call the OmniSOC Service Desk to report a critical issue; other contact methods such as email and web form ticket creation may not elicit an immediate response.

Eligibility and Requirements

This advisory level service is provided to all OmniSOC members as part of their annual membership fee.