Exploring the OmniSOC and CanSSOC partnership 

By Gregory Moore

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is coming up on October 27-29 (online). As part of the Security, Privacy, and Ethics on-demand track, Sean Reynolds,Gayleen Gray, Jill Kowalchuk, and Von Welch will present Global Cybersecurity: Exploring the OmniSOC and CanSSOC Partnership 

Higher education shared SOCs are challenging the way we think about and source cybersecurity services. OmniSOC and the Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre (CanSSOC) are developing “for higher education by higher education” approaches to this challenge in the US and Canada. This global partnership will give us an advantage in an increasingly challenging security landscape. 


  • Understand the OmniSOC and CanSSOC Shared Security Operations Centre initiatives 
  • Discover the opportunity for alignment with these service offerings and the value of different approaches to similar challenges  
  • Be aware of the global partnership and its potential to better support local institutional cybersecurity initiatives 

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